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ABOUT HKSG GROUP MEDIA, publisher of The Container Shipping Manager

HKSG Group Media Ltd. is one of the world's largest providers of shipping information. Its 200 staff collect, research and compile a comprehensive range of information on the services of 300 shipping companies, including the leading global ocean carriers.

Through its network of offices in seven of the world's top container ports, the company publishes seven magazines totalling 1,800 pages weekly and maintains a two gigabyte database of transport services information. HKSG Group Media was founded in 1982 in Hong Kong and began to publish its dedicated magazines on China shipping in 1986.


The CSM Editorial Board

Laurence Scofield
Chairman and Managing Editor

Banda Leung
Consulting Editor

Margaret Siam
Consulting Editor

Christy McCormick
Senior Writer

Ricky Lam
Production Manager

Anna Ho
Financial Director


Head Office:
Unit A, 11/F Cheung Wah Ind Bldg.,
No.10-12 Ship Yard Lane,
Quarry Bay,
Hong Kong.
Tel: (852) 2880 9555   Fax: (852) 2563 0723

Laurence Scofield
Chairman of the Editorial Board
Container Shipping Manager
Dir Tel: (852) 2880 9900   Dir Fax: (852) 2563 0723

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